When Ukrainian anti-Russian language law become a circus

I remember when after 2014 coup people of Donbass was saying that they will not accept new regime, and one of the main reasons was that they believed that those who came to power will persecute Russian speakers, will ban the language and culture.

But those in power were dismissing their claims as "baseless claims", "Russian propaganda" ...

Well, it turns out that wasn't just a "Russian propaganda"... today in Ukraine there's no Russian public schools, even in Russian-speaking regions, Ukrainian must be used not only in government institutions but in private business and in hospitals

Can you imagine where two people, both Russian speakers, have to have a conversation in Ukrainian? It's OK if they were both fluent in it, but it's often not the case.

And at times it turns into a circus. Watching for example a meeting of the city council, any city in the Russian-speaking region of Ukraine, is funny and uncomfortable - city council members breaking their tongues trying to convey something in the language that is foreign to them (because it's the law)... at times they use words that do no exist - hybrid words - mix of Russian and Ukrainian

Here is one of the examples: on Ukrainian TV, hosts (who in personal life are Russian speakers) have to use Ukrainian, even if their guests don't speak Ukrainian: