War correspondent Oleg Blokhin in Aleppo Citadel | December 2018

Tour of Aleppo Citadel. Early December of 2018

Citadel of Aleppo considered being one of the oldest and largest castles in the world. Usage of the Citadel hill dates back at least to the middle of the 3rd millennium BC.

The Citadel received significant damage during the Battle of Aleppo.

The citadel is the most important historic landmark in the city of Aleppo. Located on a hill, the citadel also has strategic importance so militants sought to seize it, Syrian troops held the line for three years, deterring militant attacks and saving the historical site from destruction.

Nevertheless, the citadel suffered damage, so reconstruction work is currently underway, it is expected to be fully reconstructed in a year.

Director of Aleppo’s historical agencies Akram Karakela, in turn, said that the castle’s reconstruction would cost about 100 mln Syrian liras ($200,000).

He noted that the Syrian government was managing the reconstruction of the citadel, which was part of the Ancient City of Aleppo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some international organizations are also participating in the reconstruction work and UNESCO is providing assistance.