Ukrainian "Euro Maidan"... 6 years later - the results so far

It's been 6 years since Ukrainian "Euro Maidan", or as Western media called it "peaceful protests". 6 years since John McCain, standing next to the well known Ukrainian neo-Nazi leader, was enticing Ukrainians to revolt against their own government - screaming from the scene of a "Euro Maidan" - "America is with you, we'll help you to built the better Ukraine!" etc.

And so it happened. The government was overthrown, the US puppets government was installed, and neo-Nazis became the mainstream.

Let's see how better life of Ukrainians has become, here are the numbers:

1. Over the past 6 years, the population has decreased by 3.5 million people. There are 54 births per 100 deaths.

2. In the country, out of 37 million people, 11.5 million are pensioners. Of the total number of workers, only 7.7 million work officially. The average life expectancy of men is 66 years, 11 years less than in Europe.

3. The number of doctors has decreased by 30,000, the number of nurses - by 96,000. The budget of medicine - 2 times less than the law requires.

4. 40% of schools need repair, in 47% of schools the temperature in winter is no more than 16C (60F) degrees.

5. Salary arrears to teachers increased by 152%.

6. The rate of decline of the industry under Zelensky (president since 2019) increased 6.5 times.

7. In the past 6 years, the aircraft industry has not received a single serial order.

8. In the past 6 years, not a single river passenger ship has been built.

9. A part of ship-, automobile-, aircraft-, car- export in Ukraine is 2 times smaller than a part of timber exported from Ukraine.

10. Big industrial companies that declared bankruptcy: Mariupol Heavy Engineering Plant, Poltava Auto Aggregate Plant, Avtokraz, Rosava. In a deep crisis: Zaporizhstal, Arcelor Mittal, Malysheva plant, Motor Sich, Yuzhmash, Turboatom.

11. 40% of the total land area is contaminated land, and the thickness of the humus layer decreased by 20%.

12. Reduction in coal production by 60%.

13. The depreciation of fixed assets in the energy sector is 90%.

14. More than 90% of all household waste is disposed of in landfills with an area of ​​9,000 ha.

15. In the ranking of road quality, Ukraine ranks 114th out of 141 countries, 400 road accidents occur in Ukraine daily, incl. due to poor road conditions.

16. In the ranking of food expenses, Ukraine ranked 93 out of 100. Ukrainians spend 42% of their income on food.

17. By the number of abortions, Ukraine takes 5th place in the world. Every day in Ukraine, 1,000 unborn children are killed.

18. In terms of per capita GDP, Ukraine ranks last in Europe.

19. The US dollar rose by 300% from 8 UAH in 2013 to 24 UAH in 2020.

20. Electricity went up 5 times, rent - 2 times, gas - 10 times, cold water - 6 times, heating - 12 times, hot water - 6 times. The debt of citizens for a communal apartment increased 3 times and amounted to 60 billion UAH.


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