Turkey begins “Operation Peace Spring” against Kurds in northeastern Syria | October 9th 2019

Turkey launched a military operation against Kurdish fighters in northeast Syria on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019, with air strikes hitting the border town of Ras al Ain.

The operation could reshape the map of the Syrian conflict once again, dealing a blow to Kurdish-led forces that have battled Islamic State while widening Turkey’s territorial control at the border.

It was Turkey’s third such incursion since 2016. Motivated largely by the aim of containing Syrian Kurdish power, Turkey already has troops on the ground across an arc of northwestern Syria, the last stronghold of anti-Damascus jihadists.

Turkish military forbidden its troops and allied jihadists to make/post videos, saying they would reveal "secrets" and "location" .... But most likely knowing own jihadi allies they don't want public to see how those "moderate rebels" operate. Here is an example... Operation "Peace Spring"....

Clip of Kurdish officials holding back tears (at least trying) when talking about the US betrayal