Trump's New Plan: US to Loot Syria's Oil Reserves

When Trump announced "protecting Syrian oil from ISIS" (in reality from Syrian government/people), It wasn't surprising, after all, same guy was advocating stealing Iraqi oil during his presidential campaign

But I remember all the destruction caused by war, in part fuelled by the American government, which flooded Syria with weapons and CIA/Pentagon/NATO trained sectarian head-choppers...

I also remembered gasoline shortage in Syria

I also thought of how badly the Syrian government needs oil sales revenue to rebuild destroyed cities, fight diseases (which always flare up in war-torn regions), provide a place to live to the displaced citizen. To buy military equipment to finish-off the internationally funded jihadists, who supported by NATO members invaded Syria...

It's really sad that my fellow Americans don't see what I see - our country committing war crimes - openly pillaging Syrian natural resources.

Even ABC News admitted this: