Taliban accusing the US of helping ISIS in Afghanistan

An Army Ranger wounded in northwest Afghanistan died in German hospital...

According to Taliban US Army Sergeant Cameron Maddock was fatally wounded during an attack by American Rangers on a Taliban prison where ISIS prisoners were held.

Maddock received a gunshot wound, from which he died in a hospital in Germany.

On January 14th, the Taliban officially accused the US and the government in Kabul that they released 40 ISIS fighters from the Taliban prison, killing two guards.

"On January 13th, US and Afghan forces attacked a prison in Jawand district of Badghis province and took away 40 ISIS militants who were imprisoned", - Taliban spokesman Kari Yusuf Ahmadi said.

In addition, the Taliban accuses the United States of helping ISIS with airstrikes on Taliban during their battles with ISIS.

Maddok served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, which conducts operations both in Afghanistan and Syria.