Syrian "powder keg": where the false flag "chemical attack" operation can lead?

"The Pentagon is developing military scenarios, but Mr. Trump has not yet decided what exactly will be the reason for the military response and whether the US will attack Russian or Iranian military forces," the publication said.

The fact that the West is preparing a provocation with chemical weapons in Syria, said earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Later it became known about the negotiations of terrorists and "White Helmets". This information, in particular, was confirmed by US Senator Richard Black.

"The US is planning to stage an attack. People will be taken out of the city. Specially trained actors will depict victims of a gas attack. They will be helped by the "White Helmets", who previously participated in such notorious productions, "Black said in an interview with the Arabic TV channel Al-Maiatin.

If the United States attacks the positions of Syrian government troops, Britain, France, and Germany will join the attack.

"A barrel of gunpowder - it already exists in Syria. Right now, lit matches are flickering over this barrel of gunpowder. But you can not help but notice that they are hesitation in the White House. They say that there will be a decisive blow that will be stronger than April's, then they say: Trump hasn't decided whether to attack the Russians or not "

Meanwhile, the Bundestag may understand the whole delicacy of the situation, since German Federal Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said that his country's participation in future bombings is still hypothetical.