Syrian Army repelled militant attacks on Tanjara front | June 9th 2020 | Syria

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has retaken two towns in northwestern Hama that were captured by the jihadist rebels earlier in the day.

According to reports from northwestern Syria, the Syrian Army has regained the towns of Al-Manarah and Al-Fatrah after the jihadist militants overran their positions in the Al-Ghaab Plain region near the administrative border of the Idlib Governorate.

The reports said the jihadists from the Hurras Al-Din group withdrew from these towns after the Russian Air Force unleashed a number of strikes over their positions in northwestern Hama.

In addition to the Russian strikes, the Syrian Arab Army also sent several soldiers to this front to reinforce their positions near the town of Tanjara.

Earlier in the day, the Hurras Al-Din group launched a heavy attack on the Syrian Army’s positions around the Tanjara axis.

This attack resulted in the Syrian Army’s temporary withdrawal from two towns near Tanjara; they would later regroup and retake all of the territory they lost.

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