Syria | Kurds throwing rocks at Russian - Turkish patrol in Hasakah province

The 34th joint patrol, which was conducted in the countryside of Ad-Darbasiyah district in al-Hasakah canton, has launched, Monday morning, after the Turkish armored vehicles entered the Syrian territories, and set off from the village of Sherak, 13 km west of Ad-Darbasiyah.

It roamed the villages of Delek, Malak Quneitra, Garmania, Tal Kadish, Ghanamiyya, Karbatlih, Tal Tira, Jadida, Baba Mahmoud, Tal Karma, Khasakah, Abu Jarada, Kharazah, Khankeh Jawhariya, with four armored vehicles from each side, in addition to two Russian helicopters escorting them.

The people of the villages expressed their disapproval of such patrols in their villages by throwing stones at armored vehicles.