Solemn reburial of SS "Galicia" soldiers in Ukraine | July 2019

Every time, when you hear about neo-Nazi and Nazi-glorification problem in Ukraine, you'll see some people pushing back with: "There is no Nazi problem in Ukraine, it's all Russian propaganda"

Or they point out that there is neo-Nazis in Russia and other countries as well. Well, yes, the neo-Nazi problem exists in the number of countries, BUT...

In Ukraine the neo-Nazi and Nazi-glorification is not like in any other country - it's on the government level.

Name any other country where streets being renamed in the honor of Nazi collaborators, where army regiment has Nazi symbols on its flag and chevrons, where active government officials doing speeches at Nazi reburials and rallies.

Where those who fought in the ranks of SS, wearing their old uniforms marching proudly at the government-organized rallies. Yes, in old Nazi uniforms...

Show me another country where WWII soldiers been given official hero status and awarded highest state awards just because they served in SS.

This is also one of the (many) reasons why Ukraine never be a united country. While Western part of Ukraine celebrates former Nazis and their collaborators, Eastern and Southeastern parts of Ukraine celebrate those who fought them.