Slowly but surely Aleppo is being rebuilt | October 2020 | Syria

Restoration of the main gate of Aleppo city on the M5 highway:

October 2020. Aleppo, Syria

An engineer, a representative of a construction company, Jamal Karaen, told what they are guided by during construction work in the city.

“This is the central entrance to Aleppo. The gates of our city. And they must look dignified. Not so long ago we finished laying the asphalt here and now we have taken up the curbs and sidewalks. Everything should look like before the war, or rather even better, ”he said.

foreman Anas Erwood said:

“Everything here was destroyed. All that remained of the gas station was the foundation and a few walls. We erected the building in just a couple of weeks, and now we are laying electrical cables. We will put it into operation soon"

Renovation of Aleppo Main Station: