Russian BTR-82A that was damaged in the VBIED attack in Syria on July 14th 2020 is back in service

Back on July 14th, during a joint Russian-Turkish patrol along the M4 highway in Idlib, there was an attack by a suicide bomber driving car bomb (Vehicle-Born IED) The crews of the Turkish Kirpi armored vehicle and the Russian BTR-82A were injured.

Internet news site "Russkaya Vesna" ("Russian Spring") published unique footage about the future fate of the Russian armored personnel carrier (BTR-82A)

Despite a truly impressive huge explosion, the design of the Russian armored personnel carrier prevented the death of its crew. Three soldiers of the military police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation received burns and moderate injuries.

The Russian combat vehicle was damaged and was towed to the base.

The damage to the armored vehicle was also not critical, and after minor repairs, the armored personnel carrier was returned to service. In addition, in gratitude for the lives of Russian servicemen saved, the armored personnel carrier received the name "Indestructible".

The footage above shows the repair work and the return to service of the Russian armored vehicle.