Report from the Syrian Army positions in Northern Aleppo | February 2019

Farms al-Mallah, one of the hottest placees of Syria. Here, in the north of Aleppo, there were houses of rich citizens, who were destined to turn into an arena of bloody battles. In July 2016, large-scale battles took place over the farms. On al-Mallah, the terrorists stood to death, because the main prize in this battle was the control over the industrial capital of Syria. “Tiger Forces” under the command of Suhel Hasan, managed to cut the position of the terrorists into two parts. Under the blows of the advancing troops, the militants retreated into Aleppo and towards the cities of Hraytan and Kafr Hamra. After five months, the main battle of the Syrian war ended with the defeat of the surrounded militants. Their groups admitted defeat and left for Idlib province on green buses. Since then, the front line has not changed much. On the outskirts of the industrial capital of Syria, the front line still runs. And although on paper this area is called a de-escalation zone, this world is still far from here. Until now, mines have fallen on residential areas of western Aleppo, and no one has paid attention to gunfights for a long time. Political agreements on the front line are treated with undisguised skepticism. Fighters believe only what they see. And, according to them, only a military operation in the north of Aleppo can bring true peace to this ancient city.

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