Remembering a fallen Hero - Lieutenant-Colonel Viktor Blinov, died Feb. 10th 2017 in Syria

On February 10th, 2017 in Syria, the legendary veteran of the Directorate "A" of the Central Security Service of the FSB, Lieutenant Colonel Viktor Ivanovich Blinov, died.

Remembering the Hero.

"Alpha" team veteran Lieutenant Colonel Viktor Blinov was a unique person in every sense. Not only by the standards of the history of Russian domestic special forces but also world ones. He took part in dozens of the most dangerous operations, the release of hostages, the elimination of terrorists, the storming of fortified facilities.

Viktor was born on November 19th, 1950, in Moscow. After completing military service in the USSR Armed Forces he worked at Zil auto plant, until in June 1978 he was enrolled in group "A" of the 7th Directorate of the KGB of the USSR. Then - participation in the operation "Baikal-79" in Afghanistan. This operation was carried out in parallel with the well-known "Storm-333" (Assault on Amin's Palace) and the seizure of state and military institutions in Kabul. Viktor was to participate in the assault on the Afghan Air Force headquarters. Thanks to the smart strategy of the participants in the assault, they managed to take the headquarters without a single shot.

Another well-known operation involving Blinov was the release of a passenger plane and the neutralization of two terrorists who had captured it in Ufa in the fall of 1986. Viktor was one of the first to burst into the aircraft, eliminating one militant and seriously injuring the second. The "Alfa" group's assault took only 8 seconds, during which none of the hostages and KGB officers were injured.

In the very late 80s and early 90s, when the USSR was already bursting at the seams, among many other operations, Viktor went to Nakhichevan to contain the escalation of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The main task was to eliminate terrorists, extremists, and weapons smugglers who "walked" across the virtually absent border with Iran. By the way, there, Viktor became friends with the guys from "Vityaz" (Vityaz", in translation - "Knight", was one of the Soviet and Russian special forces units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ) and personally with the Hero of Russia Sergei Lysyuk.

One of the most difficult tasks during the years of Viktor's service was the release of hostages captured in a hospital in the city of Budennovsk in the summer of 1995. During the storming of the hospital building, Blinov was at the forefront, setting an example for his colleagues, especially the young officers. On the outskirts of the building, terrorists began to actively throw grenades at the advancing troops. All of Blinov's body armor was splintered by shrapnel. One of them remained in the body of Viktor forever.

In 1999, Viktor Blinov was transferred to the reserve (on the basis of seniority) from the position of senior consultant of the headquarters of Directorate "A" of the Central Security Service of the FSB of Russia. He was repeatedly offered leadership positions, but Blinov, modest by nature, always refused, jokingly saying that he could only manage himself.

Viktor was in excellent physical shape. At the age of 51 (!!!), he passed tests for the right to wear the "Krapovy beret" at the "Vityaz" Training Center, headed by Sergei Lysyuk.

Viktor died in Syria on February 10, 2017.

For the courage and heroism shown in the performance of military duty during the years of service, he was awarded the Order of Military Merit, the Order of the Red Banner of the Battle, the Order of the Red Star, the Medal of the Order of Service to the Fatherland, 2nd degree.