Old Damascus | August 2019 | Syria

Video by Naji Kaskas (video quality adjustable up to 2160p (4K)

The video was taken on August 14th 2019. The shown places in this video are one of the most busiest attraction sites in Syria, thousands come here daily to shop in the traditional markets in Al-Hamidiyah Souq, pray in one of the most holiest mosques in the world: Ummayad mosque, and enjoy vicarious types of traditional Syrian food.

This video shows Al-Qeimarieh and Bab Touma streets in the historical old Damascus, where people have continuously been inhibited for thousands of years ! You can still see the traditional Damascan houses that are turned into cafes, restaurants and bars for tourists as well as locals to check in and enjoy. As any tourist location, the prices here are twice expensive.