New Ukrainian Police in action | August 2018 | Kharkov, Ukraine ,

In 2015 the new Ukrainian regime decided to do a police reform. They started by firing all the law enforcement and hiring new off the street

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, during 2015,

47 000 old police officers had been fired because of different reasons

United States Ambassador to Ukraine (at the time) Geoffrey Pyatt taking photo with new Ukrainian police

Here is what Western Media wrote at the time:

With the help of U.S. money and training, and headed by a former Georgian minister, the new police force was set up as part of a root-and-branch reform to weed out endemic corruption.

The new patrol section was launched in July and incorporated into a revamped National Police force. The patrol officers seemed to be everything those dreaming of a new Ukraine after Maidan hoped: committed, trustworthy, less susceptible to bribes and not afraid to go after the rich and the powerful.

Drawn from all walks of life, they carried smart tablets as well as body cameras to make police work transparent. In a sign of changing times, Energy Minister Ihor Nasalik announced on Friday he’d been given a parking fine — and willingly paid.


3 police officers are charged with committing crimes provided for in Part 2 of Art. 365 and Part 3 of Art. 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (exceeding of official authority by an employee of a law enforcement agency, which was accompanied by violence, receipt of an unlawful benefit by an official by using an official position, by prior agreement with a group of persons).


The investigation has identified uncommon cases of excessive official authority. So, in July this year, the police carried the service at the metro station "Southern station." The patrols saw a man who, shaking, came out of the subway. They came up to him and began to make claims that he was drunk.

The man tried to explain that he was returning from work to his home and drank a bottle of beer. However, law enforcement officers were not satisfied with such an answer and by using force dragged a man to the police room.

One of the suspects knocks down the victim with a punch, from which the latter lost consciousness. When a man came to his senses, another patrolman struck him several times in his head.


Another suspect entered a room and broke the chair on the head of a victim, who was also repeatedly kicked and punched to the body and head.


Also, the investigation has documented at least two episodes of bribes. In the first case, it was about a thousand hryvnias ($36), in the second one - a thousand hryvnias and three thousand Russian rubles ($36 + $15).

In both cases, the scheme was approximately the same. Policemen approached women who looked like a tourist (with suitcases, just got off the train, asked the directions, etc.), and under the pretext of verifying documents, they began to find out for what purpose they arrived to Kharkov.

They then invited them to the police station where they began to tell that the woman had violated the law, that a protocol of administrative liability (ticket) would be issued, and searched personal belongings.


The policemen threatened to contact the authorities in order to impose penal sanctions or terminate woman's social benefits. The frightened women gave the money they had on them just to "resolve the problem"

Thus, in one case, the patrols told the woman that she was not entitled to carry her mother's documents (pension certificate and bank card), so they would contact the competent authorities to stop the payment of pensions. The woman on her knees begged "law enforcement" not to take her mother's pension,

it was "resolved" with her paying a bribe

Law enforcers were arrested "in the act" while receiving a bribe in the framework of a special operation conducted by the prosecutor's office together with the Internal Security Department of the Internal Affairs Ministry of the National Police of Ukraine.


At present, three suspects are in jail


Investigators of the regional prosecutor's office are currently checking the involvement of the said persons in committing other crimes.