Looking back: A former officer of the Dutch army who trains jihadists in Syria | January 2014

Holland will stop sponsoring terrorists in Syria. At least officially.

As officially announced, Holland stops sponsoring "rebels" and "White Helmets".

Since the beginning of the war, Dutchmen have allocated several tens of millions of dollars through state structures and various NGOs to this mess.

By the standards of the United States or Saudi Arabia, a mere penny, just crumbs against the backdrop of the need to fight for "freedom" of Syria.

In September 2018, the funding will be stopped for the "armed opposition", and in December for "White Helmets", which still need to hold at least one provocation with the chemical weapons and work out the invested money.

The reasons? There are two - "the bloody regime of Assad will inevitably win" and "current investments proved to be ineffective," which is the most important reason.

Well, since the "bloody tyrant" prevails, the diligent Europeans decided not to waste any more money on terrorists and their accomplices. At least not in Syria. At least for now.

An interview with a former officer of the Dutch army, who, under the influence of propaganda about the necessity of "fighting for freedom in Syria", traveled to this country and trained the "Syrian rebels" who "suddenly" turned out to be jihadists, just like the instructor himself.

At that time, the journalists did not know that this guy would soon join ISIS and later be killed in an American airstrike during the fighting in Raqqa.

Remember this when some "bearded democrat" begins to stab the townsfolk in Holland. Sometimes those sponsored "freedom fighters" return and begin to build "Shariah lives" not only on the territory of the country where the "struggle for freedom" was conducted but directly in the territory of the sponsor country

With regard to the "armed opposition" and the "White Helmets", they have enough sponsors even without the Dutch, although their time in Syria is drawing to a close and soon they will leave for cozy nests of the "Syrian opposition abroad", including Holland, which this summer announced a readiness to host several hundred "White Helmets".