Kurdish forces continue guerrilla operations in Afrin region | September 2019 | Syria

Statement from "Afrin Liberation Forces" | September 6th 2019

The last two days, our forces have been targeting the invading Turkish army and their jihadist gangs with different operations in the Afrin region. Many jihadists were killed by our forces and a number of weapons were seized from them.

On September 4th, our forces attacked the base and positions of the Al Jabha al-Shamiyye jihadist gang in the vicinity of Kefer Kilbin village of the Azaz region with light and medium weapons and engaged in clashes with the jihadists. As a result of this operation, 2 jihadists were killed and a further 4 were also injured. A military vehicle was also damaged and a number of their fighting-positions were destroyed. Our forces also seized an AK-47. 1 night-vision scope, 1 walkie-talkie, 1 telephone, and 1 magazine vest.

On September 5th, our forces attacked a group of Turkish-backed jihadists in the vicinity of Kebashin village of the Sherawa district. As a result, 4 jihadists were killed, 1 AK-47 and a night-vision scope was seized.

On September 5th, our forces carried out a sabotage operation against a military vehicle belonging to the Feylaqa 5 jihadist gang on the road leading to the village of Basote of the Sherawa district. As a result, the vehicle was damaged and 2 jihadists, including one by the name of Sayid Faris, were injured.

On the same date, our forces attacked a base of the invading Turkish army in the village of Tiwehiniye of Mare city with the use of light and medium weapons. As a result, 2 jihadists were killed and many positions were destroyed.