Kalashnikov Kamikaze Drones | April 2021 | Russia

Updated: Apr 21

Russia-1 TV report | April 2021

ZALA Aero Group (part of the Kalashnikov Concern) is a company specializing in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development, located in Izhevsk, Russia

“ZALA LANCET” is a smart multipurpose weapon, capable of autonomously finding and hitting a target. The weapon system consists of precision strike components, reconnaissance, navigation, and communications modules. It creates its own navigation field and does not require ground or sea-based infrastructure.

“ZALA LANCET” is equipped with several targeting systems: coordinate system, optoelectronic system, and combined system. Also, this UAV can transmit video, which allows confirming successful target engagement. The detonator of the strike component has a pre-contact action system. The operational range of the UAV is 40 kilometers (25 miles). The maximum gross takeoff weight is 12 kilograms (26.5 lb)

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