Images and reports from Daraa province | September 21st 2021 | Syria

The legalization process is not a long process. The weapons are handed over, a new passport photo taken, and documents received. Many came here on their own, some have even decided what to do next. When asked about plans for the future, they simply name the unit where they want to go to serve.

Many of these people ended up on the other side of the conflict against their will. Now they have admitted their mistakes and want to end those who tyrannized their native village for 10 years.

“We realized our mistake. We realized the whole situation as a whole and realized that we must be a single state. We all - Syrians - must build our own state together, ”Mohammed Kheir Shadela said.

Today, there are many who have already received an amnesty in 2018, and later took up arms again. Many of them now regret it. Mohammed Jadallah hopes that he will be able to get forgiveness and return to the plow. He promises that he said goodbye to the gun forever.

“We will write letters to the president asking for clemency: that we want to be one people, one country, we want to live in peace and tranquility, we want to become a part of society, we regret what we did and ask us to forgive,” he said Jadallah.

There are many like Muhammad in this village. Someone still does not believe that he will be forgiven, and maybe hiding, but someone does not want to say goodbye to the militant past. Such, of course, will be identified. Anyone who decided to surrender under Russian guarantees leaves with a new passport. 2,197 people have already settled their status. 583 weapons and over five thousand ammunition were handed over.