February 27th, Russia celebrates the "Day of Special Operations Forces"

In Russia, February 27th is celebrated as the "Day of Special Operations Forces". The holiday was established by decree of the President of Russia in 2015.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu congratulated the servicemen on the "Day of Special Operations Forces", and noted that the servicemen of the Special Operations Forces in a difficult foreign policy environment effectively protect Russia, including from the threats of international terrorism

In 2014, during the West-organized coup in Ukraine, Russian Special Ops were instrumental in securing Crimea. Within a week, Russian special operations troops had seized control of strategic locations across Crimea, while the regional authorities moved to declare independence from Ukraine and schedule a referendum on joining Russia...

in this operation not a single person was killed on either side

Compilation of the video clips of the Russian Special Operation Forces work in Crimea in February - March 2014 :