Christchurch massacre | March 2019 | New Zealand

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

+18| Graphic content! Viewer discretion is advised

The video of the Christchurch mass shooting is now illegal for anyone in New Zealand to share or even watch on social media.

Many governments are banning the viewing of material they find “objectionable” and threatening social media platforms with fines.

Facebook deleted 1.5 million of the first-person videos inside of 24 hours and Google’s YouTube boasted of “unprecedented“ scale and speed in erasing the videos (one per second!) and temporarily disabling search functions, neither service could keep up with the uploaders. Some users subtly altered the videos to slip under automated screening processes.

But no such law prevented the American press from running the videos.

When the 9/11 terrorists struck, the networks live-streamed that atrocity into American living rooms, including the human demolition of desperate people leaping from high windows to escape the flames. This attack was every bit as deliberate, calculated and web-savvy as the Christchurch assault, but the press didn’t retreat behind worries that the coverage might encourage another attack. Nobody said, We can’t be free to publish this material because we must make every effort to be safe first! To this day, YouTube finds such journalistic significance in the jumper videos that they still host them in easily searchable form. So much for their “standards.”

BTW, the censor is never somebody who doesn’t want to see things. He wants very much to see salacious and disturbing stuff! He just thinks it’s his calling to prevent his neighbors from seeing the same material.

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