Belarussian TV interview with arrested Ryanair passenger Roman Protasevich | June 2021

An emotionally difficult interview with the most talked about passenger on the Ryanair Athens-Vilnius flight, Roman Protasevich.

Reaction from the West and Belarus opposition:

Belarus opposition decries video of detained journalist, calls for more U.S. sanctions

"This was not an interview. This was an interrogation," said Franak Viacorka, a leading Belarusian opposition figure.

Western officials condemned the interview with Mr. Protasevich, and the European Union went ahead with previously planned sanctions banning Belarusian airlines from flying over E.U. territory. Joining the St. Petersburg conference by video link alongside Mr. Putin, the chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, called Mr. Protasevich’s “forced confession” something that “we do not see as acceptable in any way.”

Watch and decide for yourself:

According to the Western governments and media: