Belarus | Jailed opposition "journalist" Roman Protasevich speaks at Foreign Ministry press briefing

A Ryanair plane flying from Athens to Vilnius made an emergency landing in Minsk on May 23rd after reports of a bomb onboard. A MiG-29 fighter was raised to escort the liner. No explosive device was found onboard. The security forces detained the former editor-in-chief of the opposition Telegram channel NEXTA, Roman Protasevich, and his girlfriend, a Russian woman, Sofya Sapega, who was on the plane.

Telegram channel incited insurrection and coordinated riots, called for violence against the law enforcement, posted private data of the law-enforcement personnel, called for and provided instructions on how to sabotage railroads... among other things that are illegal under the Belarussian law

Video is the part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefing regarding investigation of the landing of the Ryanair flight

This not a full press briefing, only parts involving Roman Protasevich