Battles for Syria | October 16th 2019 | Images from Sari Kani/Ras al-Ayn

Kurdish fighters put up fierce resistance to Turkish forces battling to seize a key town in northeastern Syria

+18 | Graphic Images! Turkish Military-backed jihadists aka "Syrian National Army" or "Free Syrian Army"

These are those whom US armed and trained, those whom Western media for years called "moderate rebels"

Allegedly the consequences of the airstrike on a convoy in Ras Al-Ayn, the weapons are seen in the clip - convoy allegedly had armed security - guarding foreign journos traveling with convoy - there were Kurdish, French, and Brazilian journalists. About 70 people injured, over 10 died.

List of "Syrian" jihadi gangs/factions that gave an oath to and fight for the interests of Turkey. Yet their coalition called "Syrian National Army" ... think about that for a second - "Syrian" "National" "Army"

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