Battles for Syria | July 12th 2019 | Summary of jihadists' offensive on Al-Hamamiyat

Report from Northern Hama from the best War Correspondent Crew there is - Anna News, embedded with the Syrian Army's most capable detachments - "Tiger Forces"...

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched an important counter-offensive on Thursday that targeted the jihadist positions inside the town of Al-Hamamiyat, which was captured by the latter the day before.

Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army began their assault by repeatedly pounding the jihadist positions in Al-Hamamiyat with a plethora of missiles and artillery shells.

Once this barrage ended, the Syrian Arab Army stormed the jihadist positions in Al-Hamamiyat, scoring a quick advance after overrunning the main militant line of defense.

The Syrian Arab Army would later take full control of Al-Hamamiyat and its corresponding hilltop after killing and wounding scores of jihadists.

Since recapturing Al-Hamamiyat, the front-lines in northwestern Hama have returned to what they were at the start of July.

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