Battles for Syria | August 12th 2019 report | Storming of Al Habit

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had a successful weekend in the Idlib Governorate as their troops managed to capture several sites, including two major towns.

Backed by Russian airstrikes, the Syrian military’s Tiger Forces were able to score the first major advance of the weekend by seizing the town of Al-Hobeit, which is located at the southwestern corridor of the Idlib Governorate.

Following the capture of Al-Hobeit, the Tiger Forces managed to capture the key town of Sukayk in southern Idlib after seizing its corresponding hilltop the day prior.

With both Sukayk and Al-Hobeit under their control, the Syrian Arab Army now possesses a strong foothold in the Idlib Governorate.

As shown in the Anna News video below, the Syrian Arab Army’s attack inside the Idlib Governorate not only yielded significant gains, but also inflicted heavy losses in the ranks of the jihadist forces.

In particular, three commanders from the Jaysh Al-Ahrar militant group were reported dead this weekend after a failed counter-attack at the hilltop of Tal Sukayk:

According to "opposition" social media pages, the commanders of Jaysh Al-Ahrar were identified as Abu Musa’ab Al-Tunisi (Tunisian national), Abu Sateef Al-Binishi, and Abu Qatadah Al-Homsi.

These personnel losses would later play a major factor in the jihadist defeat at the second battle of Sukayk, as the Syrian Arab Army was able to take the town with relative ease once the jihadist attack failed.

Sukayk was first captured by the jihadist forces in 2015 and it later became the scene of several front-line battles between the Syrian Arab Army and militants.