(ARCHIVE) Battles for Syria | March 17th 2016 | ISIS shows the body of a Russian fallen soldier

Archive footage from the war in Syria | March of 2016 |

As fighting between the Islamic State and Syrian government forces continue around the ancient city of Palmyra (or Tadmur in Arabic), the jihadist group’s Aamaq News Agency has claimed that five Russian soldiers were executed in recent days. To prove this, the news outlet has posted photos from one of the slain Russian soldier’s phones.

The photos show the soldier posing in various places in Syria, both by himself and with other members of his unit. In a video released earlier, Aamaq News shows a killed Russian soldier and his gear. The camera then zooms in on the soldier’s equipment, which includes Russian markings. In addition to the five Russians, Aamaq also claims Islamic State fighters executed several members of Hezbollah and “other Shiite militias.”