18th Russian -Turkish joint patrol near Ayn al-Arab | May 21st 2020 | Syria


On Thursday, Russian Military Police conducted a joint patrol with Turkish forces in the western countryside of Kobani, which is the third joint patrol during the month of Ramadan, and the 18th since the patrols began.

The patrol, consisting of eight Russian and Turkish military vehicles, was accompanied by two Russian helicopters. The patrol travelled from the village of Ashma, 20km west of Kobani, and roamed the villages of Charqli Fawqani, Jibne, and Bayadia up to the village of Zor Maghar, which is located near Jarablus on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, and is considered the last village west of Kobani.

Right after its arrival, the patrol returned to the village of Zor Maghar, to the east, where it passed through the villages of Bayadiya, Jibne, Mishku, Binder, Qaraqoy Tahtani, Qola, and Sosan, up to the checkpoint of the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) near the al-Izaa west of the city of Kobani.

The patrol reached the starting point in the village of Ashma, where the Turkish vehicles entered via the gate near the village of Ashma and the Russian military vehicles returned to their center in al-Izaa area west of Kobani.

It is noteworthy that Russian and Turkish forces conducted the 17th joint patrol in the eastern countryside of Kobani on May 7th.