+18 | Houthi forces raid on Saudi military positions | May 2021

Warning! Graphic content. Mature viewers only.

Documentary footage of military actions by the Houthi rebels of Yemen against Saudi-led coalition.

Houthi movement (aka Ansarallah) posted action-packed video of their forces raid on Saudi Arabian military positions in the mountains of Jizan region. Jizan is the Saudi Arabian region bordering Yemen.

And just a reminder: No matter which side you supporting, watching videos from all sides involved in any given conflict gives a better view and understanding of the true shape and scale of the conflict.

Пометка: независимо от того, какую сторону вы поддерживаете, просмотр видео всех сторон, вовлеченных в тот или иной конфликт, дает лучшее представление и понимание истинной формы и масштаба конфликта.