14 Months after ISIS | Images and reports from Raqqa, Syria

According to Airwars, a nonprofit monitoring group based in London, American and European warplanes dropped more than twenty thousand bombs on Raqqa. Almost eighty per cent of the city was destroyed.

The Pentagon has acknowledged causing a hundred and four innocent deaths in Raqqa, but Airwars has documented at least fourteen hundred and fifty. Even that figure is “very underreported”

People could not really go to the cemetery, so they would bury them under houses, or inside flats. People were burying their loved ones in parks and gardens or the medians of streets. From one median, they recovered fifty bodies.

Donald Trump has repeatedly said that the United States will not pay for “reconstruction” in Syria, but in January, 2018, the State Department allocated some two hundred and thirty million dollars toward Raqqa’s “stabilization,” including de-mining efforts. That was a relatively modest sum, about a hundredth of what the U.S. has spent on bombing the Islamic State

Nevertheless, in August, Trump canceled the grant